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by Antje Lazarovic last modified 2009-06-26 12:12

The aims of the project are:

  • Identification of cancer-related mutations by database mining, high-throughput sequencing of cancer tissues and established cancer cell lines (focus: cancer of prostate, stomach, colon, breast).
  • Characterisation of these mutations on a functional level and molecular pathway level in cells and mouse model. This analysis will focus on the common traits of cancer: enhanced cell mobility, unrestricted cell growth, tissue invasion, reduced cell mortality, altered response to extra-cellular stimuli.
  • Determination of cellular parameters: protein level, protein modifications and mRNA expression in response to wild type and mutant protein expression in defined isogenic cell lines.
  • Comparison of these data with patient data, tissue parameter (protein & mRNA expression, mutations) and clinical parameters (metabolism, disease progression).
  • Modelling of quantitative parameters obtained from our experimental and clinical data for their effect on the main cellular signalling pathways.
  • Development of predictive models for the clinical use of chemotherapeutics, environmental determinants on diseases as well as for predicting disease progression in general.
  • Translation of our modelling approach and our experimental results to the clinical sector/Public Health for improved prevention, diagnosis treatment and new drug target identification.
  • Identification of new molecular targets for the development of site-specific chemotherapies.
  • Establishment of a bed-side mutational profiling tool based on the Solexa sequencing technique and transfer to routine diagnostics.


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